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European High Security Steel Doors

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How to start choosing break in resistant entry door for your home?

At the very beginning, you need to determine the level of risk of burglary. If there are such cases in your area, this is a sign that you need a door with  RC-3 class burglary or higher. If the risk of burglary in your area is relatively low, RC-2 door is sufficient. The frame, regardless of the security class of the entrance door, must be made of steel or extruded aluminum alloy profile and have at least 3 hinges. Also take care of strong locks. They will be the first obstacle a thief will face.

Here you can find doors designed for residential home exposed to weather conditions such as temperature, sun, rainfall and wind. The task of any exterior door is to protect from adverse weather conditions and ensure the safety of people and their property.

GERDA burglar-proof doors meet and even exceed all the required standards for exterior doors with increased burglary resistance.

How to use GERDA entrance doors correctly?

If your concern is forced entry resistance, you should consider the door installation with out-swing opening direction. This way the door can't be kicked in. Solid (no glass) door design can increase the door resistance to forced entry because of consistent evenly distributed internal structure of the door sash. However, our glass inserts are break in resistant since we use triple glass with 6 mm laminated (car windshield quality) exterior glass.

NTT REVO steel security (RC2 class) door collection with full perimeter rabbeted door sash construction lets to do the door installation in out-swing or in-swing direction without compromise of energy efficiency and forced entry resistance.

TT OPTIMA break in resistant (RC2 - RC3 class) door collection with 3 sides rabbeted door sash we recommend (if possible) installing with outward opening direction, which will further improve thermal insulation and water tightness.

DECORATIVE PANELS anti-burglary (RC2 - RC4 class) door collection. The main advantage of decorative panel door is flexibility in exterior design. Gerda offers diversity of designs and colors of panels giving a lot of flexibility in the arrangement and the possibility of individualization. In addition, the manufacturing process makes possible embodiment of the door in two different colors and patterns on the inside and outside. The method of fixing panels to the door box structure allows for easy dismantling and replacement in case of damage or change the arrangement without the need for costly replacement of the door.

Make sure the room where the door is installed is well ventilated and heated in winter. In a poorly heated room with high humidity and insufficient ventilation, moisture condensation may occur on metal surfaces.


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